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I’m a webdeveloper from the Netherlands
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Dieticians group

Séverine Oudhof

Online portfolio

Rate the poster

Judge a movie by it’s poster

Music App

Music database management tool

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NewFysic Dieticians group Visit site
Séverine Oudhof Online portfolio Visit site


Rate the poster Judge a movie by it’s poster Visit site
Music App Music database management tool
Marjorie A short film by Severine Oudhof Visit site
Go-nl Helping children with weight loss Visit site
Flexprofi German employment agency Visit site
Maarten van Keller Dutch director of photography Visit site


Cargobee Electric scooter Visit site


I’m an allround webdeveloper and currently working at Build in Amsterdam. My passion lies in making webapplications that benefits its users. I'd like to work on a project from front-end to back-end.

Some of the technologies I have worked with:
  • Wordpress & Woocommerce
  • Backbone & Marionette
  • React & Redux
  • NodeJS & Express
  • Docker
  • Gulp & Webpack
  • Redis

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